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    SubjectRe: The GPL: No shelter for the Linux kernel?
    > However, what happens if three years from now, ...

    Yes - the asteroid may destroy us all. But the greater, almost
    inevitable, risk comes from the centralization of too much power.

    Once an authority exists to unilaterally impose a license change on
    Linux, it becomes like the ring in The Lord of the Rings, a thing of
    evil potential.

    Best not to create the ring in the first place.

    Besides, I suspect my company's lawyer might discourage me from
    submitting patches to the kernel if its license could be unilaterally
    changed by some third party, whether Linus or even the esteemed David S.

    To the top 30 maintainers who performed this GPLv3 analysis - nice job.

    I won't rest till it's the best ...
    Programmer, Linux Scalability
    Paul Jackson <> 1.925.600.0401
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