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    SubjectRe: 2.6.19 -mm merge plans
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > One of the things that I think the current model has excelled at is how it
    > really changed peoples behaviour, simply because they knew and understood
    > the rules.
    > I think the "big merges in the first two weeks, and a -rc1 after, and no
    > new code after that" rule has been working because it brought everybody in
    > on the same page.

    I definitely agree with all that.

    I simply argue that, the more time that passes between releases, the
    MORE BUGS that appear in the next release.

    After -rc1, you reach a point of diminishing returns where users don't
    re-test Release Candidates, developers move on to new code rather than
    fix bugs, and we all move into a limbo where 2.6.X-rcY doesn't see much
    activity, but the huge "merge snowball" in -mm builds and builds and builds.

    As an aside, if a release is getting held up by some key bugs or
    regressions, I think it's more than fair for Andrew to loudly shame said
    developers into action. "The following nincompoops are holding up the
    release: Jeff Garzik [bug #1222, #3391], Greg KH [bug #9987, #4418], ..."


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