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SubjectRe: Math-emu kills the kernel on Athlon64 X2
Sergio Monteiro Basto <> writes:

> Btw I try install a kernel 2.4 in my DX2 and works but very very slow .
> I think in this type of computer should be install a kernel 2.2 .

I think it's a RAM problem. Most 386DX and early 486 boards allowed
32 MB (using 4 MB modules), Linux 2.6 should run fine on such
a beast (386SX was limited to 16 MB address space). Later 486 boards
using DIMMs, I think, supported 64 MB (with caching).

Of course a "6 bogomips" 386 CPU isn't a speed daemon but in early
1990s it wasn't any faster and people were using them commonly (and,
I think, comfortably). IMHO for basic "SOHO Internet server" (mail
and such) it could be fast enough running Linux 2.6.
Krzysztof Halasa
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