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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/11] LTTng-core (basic tracing infrastructure) 0.5.108

    Jes Sorensen wrote:
    > Because other people have tried to use LTT for additional projects,
    > but said projects haven't been integrated into LTT. In other words,
    > just because *you* haven't added those, doesn't mean someone else
    > won't try and do it later, if LTT was integrated.

    Thank you. I will take it as a complement and likely laminate this
    email for your suggestion that I've acted responsibly in my
    maintenance of ltt. Boy, can you imagine what this debate would
    have looked like if I had included precisely those additional
    projects ...

    C'mon Jes, if I was able to responsibly maintain ltt over 5
    years *out* of the tree and I'm being labeled as incompetent all
    over this thread, then imagine what the very competent people
    maintaining the kernel could actually do.


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