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    SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH] BC: resource beancounters (v4) (added user memory)
    On Tue, Sep 12, 2006 at 03:06:35PM +0400, Pavel Emelianov wrote:
    > Hmmm... Beancounters can provide this after trivial changes.

    All that is needed is some interface to set a thread's BC id (which you
    seem to have already - sys_set_bcid)

    > We may schedule them in current set of "pending" features
    > (
    > But this can create a kind of DoS within an application:
    > A thread continuously touches new and new pages to it's BC and
    > these pages are get touched by other threads also. Sooner or later

    Any good reason why threads will touch each other's working set?
    Sure nothing prevents them from touching, but I would expect each thread
    (serving a separate domain) to work on its own set of private pages?

    > this BC will hit it's limit and reclaiming this set of pages would affect
    > all the other threads.

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