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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pktcdvd: added sysfs interface + bio write queue handling fix

> The file layout is now as follows:
> /sys/block/pktcdvd[0-7]/ # device dir created by gendisk
> packet/ # pktcdvd subdir
> <files> # pktcdvd per device files
> mapped_to # symlink to mapped device in /sys/block
> /sys/class/pktcdvd/ # class dir for control files
> add # add new device mapping, creates new pktcdvd device
> remove # ...
> device_map
> packet_buffers
> /debugfs/pktcdvd[0-7]/ # per device debugfs dir entry
> info # lot of human readable device infos, previous
> # found in /proc/driver/pktcdvd[0-7]

Also added class_device's below of /sys/class/pktcdvd , so that
the file layout is now:


> Use /sys/class/pktcdvd/ and use struct device instead of struct
> class_device, so I don't have to convert the code later

Hmm, sorry. Don't know how to do this. The only thing i found
is the code in class.c, where struct class_device is used to create
these "dev" and "uevent" files...

Any comments?

-Thomas Maier
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