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    SubjectRe: What's in libata-dev.git

    Jeff Garzik wrote:

    >>> The following libata changes are queued for 2.6.19:
    >>> General
    >>> -------
    >>> * Increase lba28 max sectors from 200 to 256
    >> [...]
    >>> Jeff Garzik:
    >> [...]
    >>> [ATA] Increase lba48 max-sectors from 200 to 256.

    >> So was it for LBA28 or for LBA48?
    >> As for LBA28, it might be quite dangerous. Particularly, I know
    >> that IBM drives used to mistreated 256 as 0 in the past (bumped into
    >> that on a 8-year old drive which is still alive though).

    > That's a typo. The first description ("lba28") is correct.

    > Let me know if your IBM drive has problems with current
    > libata-dev.git#upstream...

    It's not likely I'll be able to try it. But I'm absolutely sure that drive
    aborted the read commands with the sector count of 0 (i.e. 256 actually). The
    exact model was IBM DHEA-34331.
    255 sectors actually seems more safe bet.

    WBR, Sergei
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