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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VIOC: New Network Device Driver
Am Friday 15 September 2006 02:15 schrieb Misha Tomushev:
> VIOC Device Driver provides a standard device interface to the internal
> fabric interconnected network used on servers designed and built by
> Fabric 7 Systems.
> The patch can be found at

We recently had a discussion about tx descriptor cleanup in general.
It would probably be more efficient to call vnic_clean_txq from the
vioc_rx_poll() function. To do that, your tx interrupt handler
should disable the tx interrupt line and call netif_rx_schedule,
like you do for the receive interrupts.

A few comments on coding style:

- Lots of macros like your GET_VNIC_TX_BUFADDR_LO: they seem overly
complicated. Maybe replace the users with something simpler, e.g.
instead of 'if (GET_VNIC_RXC_FLAGGED(rxcd) != VNIC_RXC_FLAGGED_HW_W)',
do 'if (vnic_rxc_word3(rxcd) & VNIC_RXC_FLAGGED_HW_W)'.
- whitespace: please follow the style in Documentation/CodingStyle,
use tabs for indentation instead of spaces, run everything through
'lindent' or 'indent -kr -i8' once to get spaces in the right places.
- unnecessary typecasts: try to avoid casts in the C source, in particular
from or to 'void *', that is done by C automatically. When you do a
macro like GETRELADDR(), make it return the right type so you don't need
a cast.
- macros: whereever possible, use an inline function instead
- printk: use dev_info/dev_dbg/... instead of plain printk, when you have
a pointer to a device.
- extern declarations: belong into header files, not C files. This will
guarantee that the definition matches the declaration.
- static forward declarations: get rid of them by moving the static
functions into the right order. This also makes reading easier, since you
know static functions are only called from below.
- vmalloc: try to avoid. use it only when allocating more than a few pages.

Arnd <><
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