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    SubjectHello, We had some patch need to submit for sundance.c
    Dear All:

    We had some patch need to submit. Would you tell me where to get current
    sundance.c for myself to generate those patch files.

    Sorry, I only got this link:;a=blob;h=f13b2a195c708fe32d8c53d05988875a51bd52e1;hb=1668b19f75cb949f930814a23b74201ad6f76a53;f=drivers/net/sundance.c

    Thanks for everybody.

    Best Regards,
    Jesse Huang

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    From: "Francois Romieu" <>
    To: "Jesse Huang" <>
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    Morton" <>; "Jeff Garzik" <>
    Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 3:07 AM
    Subject: Re: Hello, We have IP100A Linux driver need to submit to 2.6.x

    Jesse Huang <> :
    > I am IC Plus software engineer. We have IP100A 10/100 fast network adapter
    > driver need to submit to Linux 2.6.x kernel. Please tell me who should I
    > submit to.
    > IP100A's device ID is 0x13f0 0200.

    You do not need to do anything:;a=commit;h=1668b19f75cb949f930814a23b74201ad6f76a53

    As far as I have checked before forwarding Pedro Alejandro's patch, the
    out-of-tree IP100 driver exhibited no significant difference with the
    sundance driver.


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