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SubjectRe: ALSA problems with 2.6.18-rc3
On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 21:28 +0100, Andrew Benton wrote:
> Hello World,
> I use the optical digital output from my computer and normally it works
> well. However, with a 2.6.18-rc* kernel I have to use alsamixer to get
> any output from it. I tweak the levels till it's working and use alsactl
> store to save it. Normally, when I reboot it's enough to have a
> bootscript run alsactl restore and it should work, but as I said, with
> a 2.6.18-rc* kernel it doesn't. Every time I have to use alsamixer to
> change the <IEC958 P> setting to A/D Conv and then back to AC-Link again
> to get the diode to come on and start sending a signal to the amplifier.
> And the problems don't stop there. At first it sounds fine but after a
> few minutes it starts to develop a harsh, tinny, metallic, distorted
> quality and it becomes unlistenable.
> According to alsamixer v1.0.11, the card is an Intel ICH5 and the chip
> is an Analog Devices AD1981B

Please try to identify the change that introduced the regression. What
was the last kernel/ALSA version that worked correctly?


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