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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] A generic boolean
    Andreas Schwab wrote:
    > Jes Sorensen <> writes:
    >> Andreas Schwab wrote:
    >>> Jes Sorensen <> writes:
    >>>> We know that today long is the only one that differs and that
    >>>> m68k has horrible natural alignment rules for historical reasons, but
    >>>> besides that it's pretty sane.
    >>> Try determining the alignment of u64 on i386. You will be surprised.
    >> If thats the case, then thats really scary :-(
    > That's how the ABI is defined.

    That the ABI for long long or the ABI for uint64_t? Given that u64 is a
    Linux thing, it ought to be ok to do the alignment the right way within
    the kernel.


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