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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/7] remove all remaining _syscallX macros

> /usr/include/linux is _not_ a place to dump "reference code" in lieu of
> documentation on using kernel interfaces.

At least for the system call interface it was always. It is not
my fault you're trying to suddenly redefine it to be something else.

> Besides, the _syscallX implementations in the kernel were generally
> unsuitable for use

I disagree. I used them and they worked great for me.

> in that way anyway -- I'd be much more inclined to
> rely on the libc version. The kernel version would do strange things
> like break with PIC code by using an unavailable register (i386),
> misalign 64-bit syscall arguments on 32-bit machines (MIPS), etc.

The glibc versions would do similar things. Just try to use a 6 argument
call on i386 for once.

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