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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] RCU: various merge candidates
On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 12:06:11PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 21:38:45 +0530
> Dipankar Sarma <> wrote:
> > This patchset consists of various merge candidates that would
> > do well to have some testing in -mm. This patchset breaks
> > out RCU implementation from its APIs to allow multiple
> > implementations, gives RCU its own softirq and finally
> > lines up preemptible RCU from -rt tree as a configurable
> > RCU implementation for mainline.
> >
> > All comments and testing is welcome. RFC at the moment, but
> > I can later submit patches against -mm, Andrew, if you want.
> > They have been tested lightly using dbench, kernbench and ltp
> > (both CONFIG_CLASSIC_RCU=y and n) on x86 and ppc64.
> ouch.
> akpm:/usr/src/25> grep rcu series
> radix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside.patch
> adix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside-update.patch
> radix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside-semicolon.patch
> adix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside-update-tidy.patch
> adix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside-fix-2.patch
> adix-tree-rcu-lockless-readside-fix-3.patch

Not related to RCU implementation.

> rcu-add-lock-annotations-to-rcu_bh_torture_read_lockunlock.patch

rcutorture (test module) patch independent of the implementation changes.

> srcu-3-rcu-variant-permitting-read-side-blocking.patch
> srcu-3-rcu-variant-permitting-read-side-blocking-fix.patch
> srcu-3-rcu-variant-permitting-read-side-blocking-srcu-add-lock-annotations.patch
> srcu-3-add-srcu-operations-to-rcutorture.patch
> srcu-3-add-srcu-operations-to-rcutorture-fix.patch
> add-srcu-based-notifier-chains.patch
> add-srcu-based-notifier-chains-cleanup.patch
> srcu-report-out-of-memory-errors.patch
> srcu-report-out-of-memory-errors-fixlet.patch
> cpufreq-make-the-transition_notifier-chain-use-srcu.patch

srcu (sleepable rcu) patches independent of the core RCU implementation
changes in the patchset. You can queue these up either before
or after srcu.

> rcu-add-module_author-to-rcutorture-module.patch
> rcu-fix-incorrect-description-of-default-for-rcutorture.patch
> rcu-mention-rcu_bh-in-description-of-rcutortures.patch
> rcu-avoid-kthread_stop-on-invalid-pointer-if-rcutorture.patch
> rcu-fix-sign-bug-making-rcu_random-always-return-the-same.patch
> rcu-add-fake-writers-to-rcutorture.patch
> rcu-add-fake-writers-to-rcutorture-tidy.patch

rcutorture fix patches independent of rcu implementation changes
in this patchset.

> Now what?

Heh. I can always re-submit against -mm after I wait for a day or two
for comments :) Or I can wait. I think rcutorture patches are
fairly safe to merge and should go in soon. srcu and the patchset
I mailed today should probably get more testing in -mm before
going in.


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