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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 17/17] BLOCK: Make it possible to disable the block layer [try #2]
    Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

    > Can you put this two into a single ifdef block?

    I suppose it could make sense to move the two disk random source functions

    > > config USB_STORAGE
    > > tristate "USB Mass Storage support"
    > > - depends on USB
    > > + depends on USB && BLOCK
    > ditto.


    > again, try to reorder things here to only require a single ifdef block
    > (or rather two, a second one for the array entries) if possible.

    The problem with reordering things is that it makes the patch bigger, and that
    makes people complain about not minimalising the changes.

    > Can we put this into some other file under #ifndef CONFIG_BLOCK to
    > avoid the separate file and makefile ugliness?


    What've you done with the real Christoph Hellwig? You're actually *advocating*
    the use of a cpp-conditional in a .c file!

    It doesn't really belong in any of the files that are left.

    > No one should include this file unless block device support is enabled,
    > so I don't see the point for the ifdefs. Ditto for many other header
    > files you touch that don't contain any stubs for generic code.

    Someone did. Might've been USB storage now that I think about it.

    > And btw, shouldn't the option be CONFIG_BLK_DEV instead of CONFIG_BLOCK
    > to fit the variour CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FOO options we have?


    I'm not enabling a specific block device driver. I'm taking out the entire
    block layer, block drivers, block scheduler and everything that depends on it
    (such as SCSI).

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