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    SubjectRe: [Containers] [PATCH 6/7] vt: Update spawnpid to be a struct pid_t
    > Alan Cox <> writes:
    >>Ar Maw, 2006-08-15 am 12:23 -0600, ysgrifennodd Eric W. Biederman:
    >>>This keeps the wrong process from being notified if the
    >>>daemon to spawn a new console dies.
    >>Not sure why we count pids not task structs but within the proposed
    >>implementation this appears correct so
    > Basically struct pid is relatively cheap, 64bytes or so.
    > struct task is expensive 10K or so, when all of the stacks
    > and everything are included.
    > Counting pids allows the task to exit in user space and free up
    > all of it's memory.
    > When /proc used to count the task struct it was fairly easy to
    > deliberately oom a 32bit machine just by open up directories in
    > /proc and then having the process exit. rlimits didn't help because
    > we don't count processes that have exited.
    hey, hey. your patch doesn't help in this situation (much)!
    inodes and dentries can still consume much memory.
    it just makes the situation a bit better.

    I wonder whether it is easy to have the following done with your implementation:
    container tasks visible from host. theoretically having 2 pids (vpid, pid)
    it should be implementable. Do you see any obstacles?

    in other regards patches look pretty good. Good job!


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