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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/9] sector_t format string
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    Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    >>> Will
    >>> printk("%S", sector_t);
    >>> kill at least one kitten?
    >> I like the general idea. I think that having to cast every time you want
    >> to print a sector number is pretty gross. I had something more like %Su
    >> in mind, though.
    > What will happen if you run out of %[a-z] ?

    Are we really expecting that many global structure members to be
    variable width? I only propose adding another option because whenever a
    sector is printed, it must be casted to avoid warnings.

    Other replies commented on how gcc won't recognize the new option, so
    we'd receive warnings anyway. Cleaner code that causes warnings doesn't
    sound like a big win after all.

    - -Jeff

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    Jeff Mahoney
    SUSE Labs
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