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    SubjectRe: Opinions on removing /proc/tty?
    On 7/9/06, Russell King <> wrote:

    > So it basically breaks on 2.x kernels because (eg) you don't include major
    > 204 as a tty major. Plus, if you insist that there are only N tty major
    > numbers, you break as soon as another tty major gets added.
    > Try again.

    I'm kidding of course. Putting the names in a file is crap.
    This is what procps-1.x.xx did long ago. Everybody hated it.
    You'll never handle chroot correctly.

    Just do /proc/*/tty links and all will be good. This even
    handles the case of two different names for the same dev_t.

    If people seriously want to bring back the crap, then I can
    design something tolerable. It would support mmap MAP_SHARED,
    allowing live updates so that "top" can work nicely.
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