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    SubjectRe: swsusp / suspend2 reliability
    On Fri 2006-07-07 20:03:08, Olivier Galibert wrote:
    > On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 01:50:31PM +0000, Pavel Machek wrote:
    > > I know users that installed swsusp, decided they want progress bars,
    > > and went for suspend2.
    > I know users that installed swsusp, decided they wanted working
    > suspend, and brought a mac.
    > > Nigel only submitted his code once, month or so ago, as series of 200
    > > or so patches. Do not blame me for _that_.
    > Nigel submitted his code on 2004-09-16, 2004-11-24, 2005-07-05,
    > 2006-01-25, 2006-03-28 and 2006-06-26.

    Lets check for example 2006-03-28...

    No... this is not submission of suspend2. It is info that new version
    of it is available, with only url (!) of .tar.bz2 (!) given. With no
    signed-off-by: headers, no patches, no changelogs.

    Read relevant documentation if you want to know how patch submission
    (cesky, pictures)
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