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Subject2.6.18-rc1 build error (YACC): followup
I wrote:
>$YACC now seems to be undefined when I do a "make bzImage" and the
>build process gets to drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aicasm (with the aic7xxx
>driver configured as a built-in). As a workaround, it's possible to
>"cd" into the indicated directory and run "make" directly. Once the
>default build completes, restarting "make bzImage" from the kernel
>source root continues as expected.

Found it. The main "Makefile" has "MAKEFLAGS += -rR" uncommented as
of 2.6.18-rc1. The deleted comment about "possibly random breakage"
that used to be just above that line pretty much says it all :-).

Bob Tracy WTO + WIPO = DMCA?
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