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    SubjectRe: swsusp / suspend2 reliability
    El Fri, 7 Jul 2006 08:19:21 -0700,
    "Avuton Olrich" <> escribió:

    > As I've said in previous threads, I've had a much higher rate of
    > sucess with suspend2 than swsusp, much like others who are replying to
    > this thread. Can anyone tell me, did Suspend2 get veto'd? If not has
    > there been a clear laid-out plan of what needs to be done to get this
    > in to the kernel? Is adding new in-kernel suspend code not an option
    > now? This is not about eye-candy but simply getting computers to

    There's probably a high resistance at doing such thing, and I don't
    think suspend2 developers should take it as "discrimination". As I
    understand the development in the linux land, I could find the
    following reasons for not doing such thing:

    2.6 is supposed to be a stable release. There has been many
    "merge $FOO2, because is better than $FOO" experiments in the
    past, and they have not been fun, in many cases they have been
    _rejected_ even if they worked better. Reason? Regressions.
    Mergin One Big Thing (be it splitted in 200 different patches
    or not suspend2 it's a One Big Thing) always is painful - the
    linux style these days is to "improve" things

    As much as people may dislike swsusp, it's merged in the main
    tree, and this means it has _lots_ of users, and hence more
    probabilities of being tested in machines where it doesn't
    works for god-know-what-reason, and more probabilities of
    getting hate-mail. Suspend2 may work in many cases where
    swsusp does not (for whatever reason), but the contrary
    can be also be true, and "It Works For Me" it's not a good
    measure at all for taking such decisions. I bet most of
    the non-suspend2/swsusp developers wold rather fix swsusp
    rather than replacing it with a "undertested" (it's not in
    the main tree) solution.

    You may ask "why not merge suspend2", but from an objective
    POV it's perfectly fine that some people asks "why don't
    suspend2 people try to improve swsusp instead of rewritting
    it? It may be easier to fix swsusp than replacint it with

    (Personally I don't use suspend2 or swsusp, real men never
    switch off their computers)
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