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SubjectRE: [patch] spinlocks: remove 'volatile'

> Look at:
> This is just what is needed to prevent the compiler from making
> non working
> code during optimization.

That article is totally and completely wrong, in fact it's so wrong it's
harmful. For example, it says:

... [A] variable that might be concurrently modified by multiple
threads (without locks or a similar form of mutual exclusion) should be
declared volatile.

Without pointing out that the use of 'volatile' is neither required nor
sufficient, this is an utterly false statement. The reference to "mutual
exclusion" is puzzling, since the problem is cached data, not concurrent

It talks about controlling compiler optimizations. What difference does it
make to me whether an optimization that breaks my code is made by the
compiler or the processor?

The most serious problem with the article is that it does not point out
what is guaranteed behavior and what happens to be true for some particular
platforms. In fact, the only platform I know of where the behavior the
article implies is guaranteed is (at least arguably) actually guaranteed is
Win32. (And I'm not sure of what value a guarantee is that you have to argue
is implied mostly by omission.)

Sadly, it omits any mention of the *actual* legitimate use of 'volatile'.
That is, the cases where it has guaranteed semantics and actually is both
necessary and sufficient.


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