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    SubjectRe: 2.6.17-mm5: lockdep prevents suspend to disk

    > > > Jul 4 21:48:08 tycho kernel: rt-test-4
    > > > Jul 4 21:48:08 tycho kernel: rt-test-5
    > > > Jul 4 21:48:08 tycho kernel: rt-test-6
    > > > Jul 4 21:48:08 tycho kernel: rt-test-7
    > >
    > > Are rt-test-X tasks kernel threads or userspace programs? (Kernel
    > > threads need explicit try_to_freeze in them to allow suspend).
    > >
    > > Are they normally killable?
    > hm, that's not lockdep but due to CONFIG_RT_MUTEX_TESTER.

    I'm pretty sure RT_MUTEX_TESTER is the problem, then. It should either
    end its threads when testing is no longer needed, or maybe add
    try_to_freeze() somewhere inside so that those threads can be frozen.

    (BTW.. some mail from me to you may be severely delayed because of
    graylist. I send some mail from zaurus over bt over gprs, and
    300second is quite a long time for that...)
    (cesky, pictures)
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