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SubjectRe: ext4 features
On Mon, 03 Jul 2006 21:02:40 EDT, Theodore Tso said:

> So such a scheme would only be used when some Ph.D. student has ten
> years of thesis research on a disk with no backups and then
> accidentally runs mkfs on the wrong partition..... of course, one
> could argue that such a stupid student doesnt *deserve* to get a Ph.D. :-)

The more common use case is a department hires a grad student to run the
department server rather than somebody who knows what they're doing (but
costs more than a grad student stipend), and said grad student first sets
up a borked backup scheme that looks like it works, but doesn't actually
produce restorable backups, and then runs mkfs on /home, nuking all the
thesis work of all the students....

(And yes, I've seen that more than once in a quarter century of working
at .edu's... ;)
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