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SubjectRe: reiser4: maybe just fix bugs?
On Monday 31 July 2006 18:17, Horst H. von Brand wrote:
> > Not too bad when compared to other FSes, but still.
> How did you compare?

Because as I can see on lkml, other FSes also have deadlock-on-oom
bugs. Linus also talked about ext3 inodes being insanely big.

> > When singled out, none of these things are bad enough to hold off
> > inclusion. However, combined impact of _both_ of them
> > did upset maintainers enough.
> Plus a, lets say, less than cooperative overall attitude, and a marked
> tendency to try to sneak changes in by political arm-twisting.

Yes, this is present to a degree.

> > Frankly, on the first problem I think that you are right, Hans, and
> > putting plugins into VFS _now_ makes little sense because we can't know
> > whether anybody will ever want to have plugins for some other FS, so
> > requiring reiser people to do all the shuffling _now_ for questionable
> > gain is simply not fair. It can be done later if needed.
> You are wrong. ReiserFS has no "right" to be allowed into the kernel.

JBD is factored out. So far it was a wasted effort - nobody uses
JBD except ext3.
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