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    SubjectRe: ext4 features (checksums)
    Neil Brown wrote:
    > Can't say I agree with this layering distinction.
    > It's been some years that I've felt that most 'logical volume
    > management' really belongs in the filesystem.
    > Why have a dm that chops devices up in to segments and assembles them to
    > look like a big device, only to have that big device chopped up and
    > presented as files. Seems like double handling to me.

    Agreed, and allow me to take an even more radical position:

    I've long felt that things like snapshotting and mirroring made a lot of
    sense at the filesystem level -- as do layered filesystems, just like we
    layer block devices.

    Block device drivers (MD, DM) get ever more complicated, and ultimately
    become mini-filesystems themselves. The metadata managed by blkdev
    drivers continues to increase in complexity. What is represented to the
    upper layer as a contiguous run of bytes is really, under the hood,
    chunks of data coalesced logically -- just like files in a filesystem.

    The more complex that blkdev drivers become, the more and more they will
    look like filesystems.


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