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SubjectRe: [Patch][RFC] Disabling per-tgid stats on task exit in taskstats
Paul Jackson wrote:

>Shailabh wrote:
>>I don't know if there are buffer overflow
>>issues in passing a string
>I don't know if this comment applies to "the standard netlink way of
>passing it up using NLA_STRING", but the way I deal with buffer length
>issues in the cpuset code is to insist that the user code express the
>list in no fewer than 100 + 6 * NR_CPUS bytes:
>From kernel/cpuset.c:
> /* Crude upper limit on largest legitimate cpulist user might write. */
> if (nbytes > 100 + 6 * NR_CPUS)
> return -E2BIG;
>This lets the user specify the buffer size passed in, but prevents
>them from trying a denial of service attack on the kernel by trying
>to pass in a huge buffer.
>If the user can't figure out how to write the desired cpulist in
>that size, then tough toenails.

Perhaps I should use the the other ascii format for specifying cpumasks
since its more amenable
to specifying an upper bound for the length of the ascii string and is
more compact ?

That format (the one used in lib/bitmap.c:bitmap_parse) is comma
separated chunks of hex digits
with each chunk specifying 32 bits of the desired cpumask.

((NR_CPUS + 32) / 32) * 8 + 1
(8 hex characters for each 32 cpus, and 1 extra character for null
would be an upper bound that would accomodate all the cpus for sure.

Thoughts ?


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