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    SubjectRe: Driver for Microsoft USB Fingerprint Reader
    Ar Llu, 2006-07-03 am 18:11 -0400, ysgrifennodd Daniel Bonekeeper:
    > That's one problem: I don't want to create one more userspace
    > interface for that. I suppose that all the hundreds of fingerprint
    > readers that ships with a SDK have their own way of doing that.. that

    The very cheap readers all appear to be fairly crude image scanners, and
    they even lack hardware encryption/perturbation so they are actually of
    very limited value.

    > looks awfull to me, even though I believe that currently there isn't
    > any uniform way of working with fingerprint readers... shouldn't we
    > have a way to classify devices ? For example, if I want to list all

    They vary from "low res bitmap" and the rest in software through "low
    res bitmap mangled by specific device instance unique scheme" (1)
    through to smart card based external tamperproof boxes that authenticate
    the smartcard with the fingerprint and the host typically via PAM in
    user space.

    That's a huge range of devices with little in common.

    (1) Think about what happens if you don't have this. Its possible to
    steal a result then reverse engineer a "finger" on your own laptop to
    produce the same result.
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