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SubjectRe: sound connector detection

> I am not too happy with putting this kind of switches into input layer,
> it should be reserved for "real" buttons, ones that user can explicitely
> push or toggle (lid switch is on the edge here but it and sleep button
> are used for similar purposes so it makes sense to have it in input layer
> too). But "cable X connected" kind of events is too much [for input layer,
> there could well be a separate layer for it]. If we go this way we'd have
> to move cable detection code from network to input layer as well ;)

I sort of see the point. But I think it is indeed unfortunate that we
have all these events scattered throughout. I could live with the
current approach abusing the alsa mixer API, but there's little point in
making that element user-visible. So maybe I just need some new alsa
definitions here.

Although, come to think of it, a daemon keeping the mixer open blocks
unloading the module. I suppose I'd rather have it the other way around
like the eventdev system does -- the device goes away and all reads to
it fail.

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