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SubjectRe: RFC [PATCH] acpi: allow SMBus access
On Mon, Jul 03, 2006 at 01:14:22PM +0200, Johan Vromans wrote:
> Bruno Ducrot <> writes:
> > I don't think this patch is correct, or else I would have already
> > asked this patch being added to mainline.
> You've been standing at the origins of where this patch came from. Can
> you provide a better alternative?

If you want this patch to be applied, I think you should at least
mark ec_read/ec_write being obsolete and maybe provide a
solution for drivers who use those functions, as for example
sonypi. Having two very same kind of access for the EC is
not good IMHO.

In fact why I didn't submitted this patch myself is because
I wanted to provide a real bus access via the EC driver, including
the interrupt driven ones.

Something like that :

int acpi_ec_register(struct acpi_ec_driver *child);
int acpi_ec_unregister(struct acpi_ec_driver *child);

The struct acpi_ec_driver should be something like that:

struct acpi_ec_driver {
acpi_handle ec_handle;
acpi_handle handle;
unsigned long uid;
unsigned long query;
int (*acpi_ec_query_handler) (???);
/* maybe a private space somewhere */
void *private;

reading/writing may pass perhaps via an exported acpi_ec_(read|write)()
functions, but the real key would have to be able to register a function
in order to trigger the acpi_ec_query_handler function member when the EC
receive the interrupt for the query number ->query instead of the _Qxx
method provided by the OEM. Please look at ACPI 3.0 specification,
more precisely " Dispatching to an ACPI-aware Device Driver",
and the whole chapter 12 (ACPI Embedded Controller Interface Specification).

We may have then an access to the ACPI EC HC SMbus with a interrupt
driven driver, which imho is the correct approach: we will be sure
a _Qxx method provided by the bios writer will interferre with our
SMbus driver.

Unfortunately I don't have anymore the time to provide this support
for Linux.

Bruno Ducrot

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