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SubjectRe: suspend2 merge history [was Re: the " 'official' point of view" expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion]
Hua Zhong wrote:
>> Moreover, if the swsusp's resume doesn't work for you and
>> suspend2's resume does, this probably means that suspend2
>> contains some driver fixes that haven't been submitted for merging.
> This statement worries me for several reasons.
> First, I've seen repeatedly blame for "drivers". People might buy it if there was not a working suspend2. I never saw Nigal blame
> drivers; instead he makes sure to provide working code. In the end, users want a working suspend, and that's what counts.
> Second, if the current swsusp maintainers have genuine interest for the users (not just "it works on my machine"), I would think
> they'd have taken a serious look at why suspend2 has a higher success rate. But from the above comment, you are not even sure why
> that is, and could only speculate "this probably means (drivers)". I could hardly be convinced that the current maintainers have
> been trying to work with Nigal to improve Linux suspend.
> At last, "maintainer" is not just a title or a feeling of superiority, it's a responsibility of providing a great system to the
> users. I'll just quote Linus when he was flaming suspend-to-ram a couple of months ago. Replace it with suspend-to-disk at your own
> will:
> "The fact that worries me is that suspend-to-ram DOES NOT WORK FOR PEOPLE.
> I have never _ever_ met a laptop or machine of mine that "just worked".
> I've always had to fix something, and people always end up having to do
> something ridiculous like unlink all modules etc.
> If that isn't what worries you, you're on the wrong page."

That's the way I feel, I'm glad someone who can't be ignored feels the
same way. There is always a reason why the working version can't be put
in mainline, there's always a reason why it doesn't work on my machines
but I'm assured that it works on {someone}'s machine so I must have a
bad {bios|setup|partition table|attitude}.

Bill Davidsen <>
Obscure bug of 2004: BASH BUFFER OVERFLOW - if bash is being run by a
normal user and is setuid root, with the "vi" line edit mode selected,
and the character set is "big5," an off-by-one errors occurs during
wildcard (glob) expansion.
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