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SubjectRe: the ' 'official' point of view' expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion
Adrian Bunk wrote:

>But you can not tell based on klive data whether the ratio of
>reiser4:ext3 users in the world is more like 1:5, 1:500 or 1:50000.
><-- snip -->
>I can't prove that the 1:5 ratio is wrong, but the point is that
>claiming a 1:5 ratio was true based on the klive data is not better than
>claiming it based on no data.
Yes, but I have been surprised that linux conference attendees all know
about reiser4, so I think it is consistent with the notion that reiser4
usage may well be much much higher than one would expect of a filesystem
that is not in the main tree, and which requires a lot of hassle to
install. It is a datapoint. I think the level of hobbyist enthusiasm
seen suggests that distros may gain market advantage by adding reiser4

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