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    SubjectRe: async network I/O, event channels, etc
    On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 02:31:56AM -0700, David Miller ( wrote:
    > From: Evgeniy Polyakov <>
    > Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 12:58:13 +0400
    > > Btw, according to DMA allocations - there are some problems here too.
    > > Some pieces of the world can not dma behind 16mb, and someone can do it
    > > over 4gb.
    > I think people take this "DMA" in Ulrich's interface names too
    > literally. It is logically something different, although it could be
    > used directly for this purpose.
    > View it rather as memory you have by some key based ID, but need to
    > explicitly map to access directly.

    I mean here, that it is possible to have those Ulrich's dma regions to
    be used as a real dma regions, and showed that it is not a good idea.

    > > Those physical pages can be managed within kernel and userspace can map
    > > them. But there is another possibility - replace slab allocation for
    > > network devices with allocation from premapped pool.
    > > That naturally allows to manage that pool for AIO needs and have
    > > zero-copy sending and receiving support. That is what I talked in
    > > netchannel topic when question about allocation/freeing cost in atomic
    > > context arised. I work on that solution, which can be used both for
    > > netchannels (and full userspace processing) and usual networking code.
    > Interesting idea, and yes I have been watching you stress test your
    > AVL tree code :))

    Tests are completed - actually it required 12 a4 papers filled with
    small circles and numbers to prove it is correct, overnight run was just
    for clarifications :)

    Evgeniy Polyakov
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