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    Subject[PATCH v2 0/3] kconfig/lxdialog: color theme support
    Second iteration of the patchset to add color theme support to lxdialog.
    This patchset allow the menuconfig user to select between a number of
    different color themes for menuconfig:
    blackbg, classic, mono and bluetitle

    The latter is the default after applying this patchset.
    To select a color theme use:
    make MENUCONFIG_COLOR=blackbg menuconfig

    Changes since v1 of the patchset:
    o Initial refactoring are now done so mono and classic are independent
    o Renamed global variable to 'dlg' - the one containing the color
    o Moved backtitle to the global variable 'dlg' so we have a single
    global variable
    o Added changes from Roman Zippel to bluetitle theme
    o Made bluetitle theme default
    o fix of SEGV when no theme was specified

    The patchset is also available at:

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