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    SubjectRe: utrace vs. ptrace
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > On Iau, 2006-07-13 at 12:05 -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    >>Doing core-dumping in user space would be insane. It doesn't give _any_
    >>advantages, only disadvantages.
    > It has a number of very real advantages in certain circumstances and the
    > only interface the kernel needs to provide is the debugger interface and
    > something to "kick" the debugger and reparent to it, or for that matter
    > it might even be viable just to pass the helper the fd of an anonymous
    > file holding the dump.
    > Taking out the kernel core dump support would be insane.
    > We get customers who like to collect/process/do clever stuff with core
    > dumps and failure cases. We also get people who want to dump a core that
    > excludes the 14GB shared mmap of the database file as another example
    > where it helps.

    The in-kernel core dumper also seems to hold locks that wedge access
    to /proc for that pid, which causes anything walking /proc to wedge.
    For large core dumps, that takes far too long, and causes us real

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