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Subjectasync network I/O, event channels, etc
I was very much surprised by the reactions I got after my OLS talk.
Lots of people declared interest and even agreed with the approach and
asked me to do further ahead with all this. For those who missed it,
the paper and the slides are available on my home page:

As for the next steps I see a number of possible ways. The discussions
can be held on the usual mailing lists (i.e., lkml and netdev) but due
to the raw nature of the current proposal I would imagine that would be
mainly perceived as noise.

So the second proposal is the I can create an appropriate mailing list
here. Alternatively possibly two lists, one for the event channel stuff
and one for the DMA/AIO part since the two parts are very much unrelated.

I'd appreciate input from those who feel responsible for these lists. I
don't mind either way. If there is strong interest right now (let me
know, don't pollute the list) I can create mailing lists now and then if
necessary close them down and redirect traffic to lkml/netdev.

Waiting for input...

➧ Ulrich Drepper ➧ Red Hat, Inc. ➧ 444 Castro St ➧ Mountain View, CA ❖

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