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    SubjectRe: suspend/hibernate to work on thinkpad x60s?
    Is there only 1 patch file?  I only see the 1 patch file on the link you
    sent me, i applied it cleanly to a 2.6.18-rc1-git7 kernel and i still
    have the same problem

    - George

    Brandon Philips wrote:
    > On 15:52 Wed 19 Jul 2006, George Nychis wrote:
    >> I see, so I guess I still have a disk problem after any type of suspend,
    >> has anyone gotten it to fully work with AHCI? any more suggestions?
    >> I greatly appreciate all the help.
    > Hey George-
    > As was said earlier Forrest Zhao has created patches against 2.6.18-rc1
    > and posted[1] them to the linux-ide mailing list. These patches restore
    > AHCI drives properly after a suspend.
    > Brandon
    > [1]
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