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SubjectRe: [PATCH] reiserfs: fix handling of device names with /'s in them
Jeff Mahoney wrote:

> Hans Reiser wrote:
> >I don't understand your patch and cannot support it as it is written.
> >Perhaps you can call me and explain it on the phone.
> I seriously can't tell if you're deliberately trying to be difficult or
> not. It's a simple "replace / with ! before sending the name to procfs."
> Reiserfs requests that a procfs directory called
> /proc/fs/reiserfs/<blockdev> be created. Some block devices contain
> slashes, so with cciss/c123 it attempts to create a directory called
> /proc/fs/reiserfs/cciss/c123, but cciss/ doesn't exist, shouldn't, and
> never will.

Why not check to see if it does not exist, and create it if not, as
needed, and skip the !'s....?

> In order to create a single path component, "cciss/c123"
> becomes "cciss!c123." This is consistent with how sysfs does it now. For
> a real example, change the "-" in device mapper block names to "/" and
> see what happens.
> Regardless, it's already been checked into mainline as change
> 6fbe82a952790c634ea6035c223a01a81377daf1.
> -Jeff
> --
> Jeff Mahoney
> SUSE Labs

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