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SubjectRe: "assumed" graphic card memory
May be using we can use the internals of lspci and pciutils.
So that we can calculate the VGA memory on the fly.

On 7/13/06, Molle Bestefich <> wrote:
> > I'd say it needs a framebuffer device which I do not have
> Use the PCI variant ;-).
> > Also, the PCI path varies a lot
> Obviously. The correct PCI path would need to be found first.
> (I used "lspci|grep VGA", hehe.)
> > None of this works at all on non-Linux systems, for that matter.
> > (Wine does run on non-Linux systems, in case you didn't realize that.)
> Default to 64MB on those systems.
> > This reports the wrong values for me in
> > one machine with a 32M video card:
> > 134217728
> Ok. Guess it's rubbish then, too bad.
> Oh well.
> > It might be possible to guesstimate the available memory:
> >
> Promising!
> But perhaps an easier approach would be to fix every Linux driver
> to report the correct number in sysfs. I'm pretty sure each driver
> knows how much RAM is on the card already, so it should be trivial..
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