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SubjectRe: short term task list for Reiser4
Clay Barnes wrote:

>On 15:04 Tue 11 Jul , Hans Reiser wrote:
>>6) optimize fsync --- substantive task which requires using fixed area
>>for write twice logging, and using write twice logging for fsync'd
>>data. It might require creating mount options to choose whether to
>>optimize for serialized sequential fsyncs vs. lazy fsyncs.
>With the serialized sequential fsync, is that essentially what I was
>talking about earlier with slowly streaming dirty writes to disk when
>the HDD is idle? If that's the case, I don't see the advantage in having
>lazy fsyncs
if you are optimizing throughput rather than latency, then you let
things get to disk whenever they get there, and you let the app hang
while it waits. A mailer processing many requests in parallel might find
30 seconds of latency to be just fine but a database might find 3
seconds of latency to be too much. (I make up these examples, mailer
programmers please correct me.)

> except in situations where you want to keep the HDD spun down
>as much as possible.
No, that is not when you do it.

>I've been meaning to hose my laptop (assuming I fix one problem with my
>desktop), so I am willing to help write Gentoo install docs (or possibly
>Arch Linux). I can also test exsiting instructions.
That would be way cool.

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