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    SubjectRe: /dev/rtc not suspending/resuming properly

    > In trying to track down a bug in an application, I think I may have
    > stumbled across one in the kernel.

    Well, that happens in suspend/resume area...

    > It would appear that the rtc device is not restoring the state of the PIE
    > control bit when the machine goes to sleep and then wakes up again,
    > resulting in the rtc_dropped_irq() being called repeatedly until the
    > application accessing /dev/rtc is stopped.
    > I'm using a vanilla kernel with the suspend2 patch only on x86
    > I've had a pretty good look at drivers/char/rtc.c and I can't see anywhere
    > it would actually suspend/resume in the code, and investigation shows it
    > does not appear to re-init the hardware on resume.

    Well, you probably need to write suspend/resume support for it...


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