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    SubjectRe: [Suspend2-devel] Re: uswsusp history lesson

    On Monday 10 July 2006 13:57, Jason Lunz wrote:
    > said:
    > > If Suspend2 added code in a way that broke swsusp, I would agree. But
    > > it=20 doesn't.
    > That isn't true. I stopped using the suspend2 patches after they broke
    > the in-kernel suspend twice in the last year, since 2.6.14 or so. (The
    > first time I reported one of these bugs is here:

    The switch to using the swsusp lowlevel code was a bit bumpy, and I do admit
    that I broke swsusp from time to time, but these are the exceptions (as you
    say), and the general design is such that they should be coexist. I'll freely
    admit that I don't regularly test swsusp, but I'm also not reguarly changing
    things that should break it.

    > Before I stopped using suspend2, there was a 6-8 month period where I
    > could easily use both in-kernel swsusp and suspend2 on my laptop. I kept
    > using suspend2 because it was faster, but I eventually stopped because
    > it locked up the machine during suspend or crashed it during resume on
    > one out of every 20-30 tries (and the crashes weren't in some driver
    > - the backtrace always pointed down into the guts of suspend code).

    Did you report them to the list? I try to be responsive (although, again, I
    don't always succeed to the extent that I'd like.

    > In-kernel swsusp, on the other hand, aside from being slower, has never
    > crashed or frozen the machine. The same is true of the new uswsusp code,
    > which i'd say subjectively feels nearly as fast as suspend2 was, with
    > both using lzf compression.

    Yeah, being much simpler does have its advantages, and Rafael has done a good
    job with the uswsusp code. Hopefully I'll get to test it properly soon.


    Nigel, Michelle and Alisdair Cunningham
    5 Mitchell Street
    Cobden 3266
    Victoria, Australia
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