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SubjectRe: IS_ERR Threshold Value
Randy.Dunlap wrote:

> Are changes also needed in asm-*/unistd.h::syscall_return() macros?
> or is syscall_return() just not used?
> e.g.,
> arm26 uses -125 to detect error
> arm uses -129 to detect error
> frv uses -4095 to detect error
> i386 uses -129
> h8300, m32r, s390, sh64, v850 use -125
> m68k[nommu] uses -125
> sh uses -124
> x86_64 uses -127

... and they're pretty much all wrong (in some cases, they're actually
less than actual errno values on that architecture!)

It pretty much works because they're not used. They should either be
fixed or removed.


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