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Subjectklibc - another libc?
After several mentions of klibc recently, I want to ask a question.

I understand all the kernel-mode cleanups -- moving initialization
from kernel to user space is a very good thing.

But the question really is: why yet another libc? We already have
dietlibc, uclibc, glibc, now klibc... With modern kernel, initramfs
will very probably contain quite some programs linked with glibc
(modprobe/insmod, mdadm/lvm, etc; I highly suggest putting some
minimal text editor like nvi there too, for rescue purposes) --
so why not have an option to use whatever libc is available on
the host platform?

In the other words, kinit/ipconfig/nfsmount/etc stuff is ok,
no questions. But the libc itself -- what for?

And another related question: why not dietlibc which is already
here, for quite long time?


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