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SubjectRe: Linux kernel development
On 6/7/06, Horst von Brand <> wrote:
> But don't push out generated files, better add a Makefile to (re)generate
> them.

Just did :-)

Changes in the last 3 days:
Paolo Ciarrocchi:
Added GPLv2 as the licence of this document
Add an header with GPLv2 information
First take at making the document asciidoc friendly
Added a html version from asciidoc
Further asciidoc changes
Further asciidoc changes
Added a newline
Added a Makefile
Removed the .html file, for building it just type:
fixed a small cosmetic issue
Added support of links in the hmtl file

So now you can simply type:
$make html
to generate the html version
$make clean
to delete it

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