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SubjectRe: [git patch] libata resume fix
Jens Axboe wrote:
>> Can you measure spin up time for your 15k's? Some controllers can't
>> catch the first D2H FIS after POR and have to wait unconditionally for
>> spin up for hotplug & resuming from suspend. Currently 8 sec wait is
>> used but it seems insufficient for your drives. Failing to spinup in
>> that 8 secs would probably result in timeout of the first reset attempt
>> and retrial - which currently takes > 30 secs.
>> Spin-up time can be measured by first issuing STANDBY and then time how
>> long IDLE IMMEDIATE takes, I think.
> The 15K RPM is a SCSI drive, I haven't seen any SATA 15K rpm drives yet.
> I have the same model in another box, I can measure spinup with
> START_STOP unit there. I will do so later today, when I fire it up, if
> you still want to know?

Arggh.. Confused w/ 10k drives. But it would be nice to know spin-up
time for 15k's if it doesn't waste too much of your time.


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