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SubjectRe: usb device problem
Mark Lord napsal(a):
> Mmm.. okay, a quick glance at the USB storage code revealed one instance:
> /* Did we transfer less than the minimum amount required? */
> if (srb->result == SAM_STAT_GOOD &&
> srb->request_bufflen - srb->resid < srb->underflow)
> srb->result = (DID_ERROR << 16) | (SUGGEST_RETRY << 24);
> return;
> So I suppose this *could* be the driver thinking it had a bad sector,
> but it really looks like it's guessing. The code also appears to be
> instrumented for some kind of USB tracing.. If you can figure out how
> to turn that on, then the trace will probably tell us what is really
> going on there.
> Look for a file called "usbmon.txt" in the Documentation/usb/ subdir
> of your kernel source tree. It describes how to do the tracing.

Did you want me to do something like this:

usb2 means usb bus 2.

without "a"s commands was:

[connect the device]
mount /dev/sdb usb/ [filesystem is vfat]
dd if=/dev/zero of=usb/zero1 bs=1k count=3
[wait some time to let system syncing automagically]
umount usb/
[disconnect the device]

with "a" there is only difference in dd command:
dd if=/dev/zero of=usb/zero2 bs=1k count=5

The first serie is without the error in the latter one appeared (some time after
`dd', when system syncs):
sd 6:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x10070000
end_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 8223
[same as before]

I have i386 arch, so 4096 is PAGE_SIZE, when it syncs only one dirty page, it
seems to be OK, otherwise it's not, if this helps in any way.

Jiri Slaby
\_.-^-._ _.-^-._/
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