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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc5-mm1
On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Andy Whitcroft wrote:

> Ok. Did a split search on -mm2 for this. With the full stack I was
> still tripping up on the bad thread hand-off trigger above. However,
> when split searching I seemed to get somewhat different panics pretty
> commonly in the allocator. My split search led me to the start of the
> swapless page migration patches:
> GOOD:page-migration-cleanup-pass-mapping-to-migration-functions.patch
> GOOD:page-migration-cleanup-move-fallback-handling-into-special-function.patch
> ----:swapless-pm-add-r-w-migration-entries.patch
> -BAD:swapless-pm-add-r-w-migration-entries-fix-2.patch

So it happens with r-w-migration-entries but not without fix-2? Or does
it require the fix-2 in order to happen? Without the fix page migration
is broken.

Does LTP include any page migration tests? Guess not? If not then this
could be simply due to code rearrangement making the problem appear in a
different way.

Which test did this?

Swap migration uses the two higest numbers of swap types (30 and 31). If
those are generated by something then we could have trouble but I do not
see how the patches could hurt otherwise.

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