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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Airprime driver improvements to allow full speed EvDO transfers
    Andrew Morton <> writes:
    > On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 01:48:02 -0400
    > Andy Gay <> wrote:
    >> + if (tty && urb->actual_length) {
    >> + tty_buffer_request_room(tty, urb->actual_length);
    >> + tty_insert_flip_string(tty, data, urb->actual_length);
    > Is it correct to ignore the return value from those two functions?

    In fact, according to Alan Cox answer, the first call is useless here at
    all, i.e., tty_buffer_request_room() is for subsequent
    tty_insert_flip_char() calls in a loop, not for
    tty_insert_flip_string(). tty_insert_flip_string() calls
    tty_buffer_request_room() itself, and does it in a loop in attempt to
    find as much memory as possible.

    tty_insert_flip_string() returns number of bytes it has actually
    inserted, but I don't believe one can do much if it returns less than
    has been requested as it means that we are out of kernel memory.

    Overall, it seems it should be just:

    + if (tty && urb->actual_length) {
    + tty_insert_flip_string(tty, data, urb->actual_length);

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