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SubjectRe: [PATCH-v2] Documentation: remove duplicated words
On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 13:22:03 -0400
Adam Kropelin <> wrote:

> > Remove every (hopefully) duplicated word under Documentation/ and do
> > other small cleanups.
> >
> > Examples:
> > "and and" --> "and"
> > "in in" --> "in"
> > ...
> When the duplicatation was due to a typo, removing the duplicate is the
> not the correct fix. Additionally, there are cases where the text
> actually reads better (or no worse) with the duplication in place.

Ok, thanks a lot.

I've redone the whole thing and I'll send an updated patch with ONLY
changes I'm sure about (=trivial).

I've intentionally left out things I'm not sure about to fix as much as
possible without breaking anything (and to avoid others to re-read the
long patch every time).

Paolo Ornati
Linux on x86_64
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