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    Subject.exit.text section in vmlinux
    Hi guys,

    I understand why ".exit.text" is present in the case of modules, but I
    can't get my head around why it is included in the vmlinux file.
    Functions like the ones below puzzle me:

    kernel/configs.c: static void __exit ikconfig_cleanup(void)
    drivers/net/ne2k-pci.c: static void __exit ne2k_pci_cleanup(void)
    drivers/net/ne2k-pci.c: static void __devexit ne2k_pci_remove_one
    (struct pci_dev *pdev)

    I can see how the last "__devexit" function might be called during
    some hotplug event, but are the two "__exit" functions ever going to
    be called from the kernel? Since my kernel is configured without
    CONFIG_HOTPLUG both both "__exit" and "__devexit" end up in the
    ".exit.text" section.

    The linker script arch/i386/kernel/ mentions the following:

    /* .exit.text is discard at runtime, not link time, to deal with references
    from .altinstructions and .eh_frame */

    The text above seems to answer my question, but I cannot say I fully
    understand the comment. I'd appreciate if someone could explain a bit
    more if possible.

    Ok, so the section should be discarded at runtime. Sounds ok. But
    where in the code is this section discarded? -ENOSYS?


    / magnus
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